The coolest hostels to stay at in Stockholm, Sweden

My next trip is coming up in 15 days and I’m so excited! You might have read about it previously on my blog, but it’s going to be my first solo trip abroad. Now that I’ve got over the supposed stigma of traveling alone and all that apparently surrounds it, I’m really looking forward to having some time to myself and to be able to do exactly what I want when I’m wandering around!

I’m going to Copenhagen first, and then on to Stockholm. I’m staying in hostels throughout – primarily to make friends but also because it’s the cheapest option. I thought I’d do a post today about some of the seriously cool hostels you can stay in, in Stockholm. I’m going to be staying at the City Backpackers hostel, because it’s right in the centre and I’ve heard loads of good stuff about it, but the options in Stockholm for weird and wacky hostels are e n d l e s s…

Jumbo Hostel Stockholm

In what other country can you stay… in a plane?

Now I know for many of us, the flying is the most boring part of travel. I’ve never really minded flying (in the sense that it doesn’t scare me or whatever) but I just find it a bit dull. I’ve even been known to enjoy a bit of turbulence to spice things up a bit.  But there’s a huge difference between sleeping on an uncomfortable, middle seat of a squashed aeroplane to actually sleeping in a hostel…on a plane.

I would have been so tempted to stay here, had it not been quite far from the centre. It’s (unsurprisingly) very close to the airport, but I stupidly made the mistake of flying into and out of different airports, so it would have made it really complex for me to leave the plane (eg the one I’m sleeping on) and travel for a few hours to reach the plane I’m supposed to be leaving on! Prices are around £40 a night for a shared room, and you can find all the information here.


A plane not authentic enough? Stay in an old prison:

Langholmen is actually based on a little island (much like most of Stockholm in one way, shape or form) so it’s really pretty and surrounded by water. Not so much on the inside – the converted prison actually still has fully functioning cells and surroundings. You can get black and white striped sweets on arrival, and admire the bars on the windows when you wake up in the morning. It’s surprisingly bright and airy considering its previous usage, but you still won’t be able to forget the people it used to hold!

It’s cheaper than the plane (although just as gimmicky) at around £30 a night, and will definitely be a talking point when you get back home. Find out more here.

Skanstulls Hostel

If interiors are more your thing then this is definitely the best place to stay – you’ll have Insta shots for days. Every room is decorated with so much attention to detail, and the fact that it’s slightly out of the centre (yep, more water to cross) just gives you more room for exploring.

This place is in the best location for discovering more off the beaten track shops and sights, but is still close enough so you can walk to the main areas easily. Sofo – the area – is apparently the culture high point of Stockholm, so it’s worth a visit wherever you’re staying.

It’s £22 a night and you can check it out here.


Want to wake up with an AMAZING view every morning? Here, you can stay on a boat.

I love the sea/big bodies of water/ etc, so I’d absolutely love to stay here. It’s (as the name kind of suggests) on a boat, and you quite literally look out onto the sea every morning. A bit like being on a cruise, except the boat doesn’t move and you get to spend more than 24 hours in one place.

Obviously, being on the water means it can’t be quite in the centre, but it’s still close by to everything so there’s no problems locationwise. It’s £34 a night and will fulfil your dreams of waking up in paradise, so book it here.

STF/IYHF Skeppsholmen

Believe it or not, this hostel used to store firewood for the royal castle in the 18th century. It’s pretty rural, but once again (as always seems to be the case for Sweden) its surroundings are beautiful. If you’re wanting to go on a journey of self discovery etc then this is the hostel to do it at. It’s got the minimalistic designs of dreams, and it looks even cooler in the snow.

For £30 a night you can’t really go wrong, and, despite looking like a lil country house in the middle of nowhere, it’s still easy to access the centre.

Find out all the details here.

Where are your favourite places to stay in Stockholm?

(All photos sourced from Google)

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