The fairytale Ghent tea room of dreams

Before I tell you about the dreaminess of Alice, I should probably point out that there are two branches. Had I known this in advance, I definitely would have done my best to visit both the restaurant and the tearoom. As it stands, I only got the chance to visit the tearoom and somehow spent about three hours there. Because where else can you admire traditional paintings next to dainty chandeliers in Ghent?


When my boyfriend and I first arrived in Ghent, the weather was miserable at best. So when we got off the tram we decided to find shelter somewhere nearby and stumbled upon the perfectly pink interiors of Alice. This beautiful cafe is located right in the centre of the city, making it pretty unmissable…as long as you know where to look. And luckily we did!

It’s a place to visit no matter what you’re after. Come along for breakfast and feast on traditional dishes with a glass of prosecco to wash it down with. Or, do as we did, and visit for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, to try any number of delicious dishes.


Inside, you’ll find hot and cold foods as well as croissants, chocolate, cheeses, meat, chicken, salads, bread. We went for fancy salads and traditional Belgian food to start our trip in our second city. Make sure to savour some of the very fancy cakes and pastries on show at the front of the tearoom because they’re worth admiring. The seats are plush and the menus are dainty – everything fits perfectly within the traditional theme that the team behind Alice are aiming for.


Sunday brunch will set you back ā‚¬32.50 while a meal for two including drinks will cost around ā‚¬40. But factor in the beautiful decor into the price of your meal, which was excellent quality and very filling. And another top thing about Alice – it was one of the limited places I found in Ghent to serve cider as well as beer!

There’s the Pink room and the Golden room and both are as opulentĀ as each other. If you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot in Ghent where you can sample some reasonably-priced food then Alice should be first on your list.


And – in case it needed clarifying – the toilets at Alice completely lived up to expectations, too. There’s not much worse than going to a fabulous restaurant only to go for a wee and realise the toilets are disgusting. Luckily, Alice’s toilets continued with the Instagram-worthy theme (as noted above!).

You can find Alice’s Tearoom at:Ā Onderbergen 6, St Michielsparking next door, Ghent 9000, Belgium. Or find out more on their website.

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