The six types of people you’ll meet in every hostel

Creaking ladders and questionable plug sockets, ice-cold showers and dodgy wifi: when it comes to hostels, I’ve had my fair share of experiences. It was only when I logged back into Hostelworld to book my accommodation for my upcoming trip to Vietnam that I realised just how many hostels I’ve stayed in over the last few years. Or, rather, how many emails I’ve had from Hostelworld impatiently asking and reminding me to rate the places I’ve stayed in

I’ve spent nights sleeping in hostels across Europe, America, Africa and Asia and while they all vary dramatically, there’s one thing consistent: the sort of people you’ll find curled up, dribbling slightly on the beds next to you. The one thing I’ve confirmed is that you will almost definitely meet a few, if not all, of the people on this list:

The ‘real’ traveller:

They turn up with a spare tshirt, a pair of flip flops and not much else. The concept of ‘packing light’ is almost a religion to them, and you can’t decide if you’re jealous of their ability to travel like so, or just a bit confused as to how they’ve lasted this long without using a hairbrush. They’ve traveled to every country you’ve mentioned and more, and have the sun bleached hair and tanned skin to prove it.

The organised one:

Need a hairdryer? They’ve got it. Iborprofen, constipation pills or rehydration salts? They’re your girl. They’ve packed 15 pairs of socks for a week long journey (just in case) and washing powder. You’ll sit on your bunk, realising you forgot to pack any shampoo, and look down in despair and admiration.

The hungover one:

It’s 4pm and you’ve just got back from a walking tour. He’s sitting in the common room, swigging beer – hair of the dog – and googling bar crawls for that night. You vaguely remember waving goodbye to him last night, 12 hours earlier at that weird club you’d all ended up at. this is the third day running, and you wonder if he’s simply come away to try every single foreign alcohol available.

The small bladdered one:

You’ve almost just drifted off to sleep, and you hear the door creak open. You sigh – equally quietly – and watch them creep out the door, gently closing it behind them. This happens, every single hour, every single night. They look up at you apologetically “too many ciders, they go right though me!” You briefly considering asking to swap rooms, or murdering them.

The hyper sociable one:

Walking into the kitchen, you see them sitting at a table, surrounded by a whole crowd of people, chatting away. Later on, the same situation but different people. Every morning, they seem to have a new bff and absolutely no inhibitions about talking to strangers. You at first assume they’ve come away on a group trip, and are later shocked to find out that they’re travelling alone but have memorised two thirds of the hostel guests’ names already. In contrast, you’re still trying to remember if your bunkmate is called James or Jack.

The one who really has her life together:

She’s up at 5am to go for a run. She carries around a water bottle which she consistently refills, and remembered to pack running shoes. Whereas you’re relishing the thought of some good meals out, she’s food prepped her whole trip and even bought her vitamins along. Despite seeing all the sights and going on a few nights out, she’s bright eyed, bushy tailed and is already scheduling her plans a fortnight ahead.

So what do you think? Have you come across these people on your travels before?

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