Here’s How To Spend 48 Hours In London

So, you’ve found yourself in London for the weekend! …and clearly you’re looking for things to do, or you wouldn’t be here, would you? Well, here's some inside knowledge combined with some tourist hotspots of the city to put together a top-notch guide for you. It won’t be as fast paced as the guy who … Continue reading Here’s How To Spend 48 Hours In London


The fairytale Ghent tea room of dreams

Before I tell you about the dreaminess of Alice, I should probably point out that there are two branches. Had I known this in advance, I definitely would have done my best to visit both the restaurant and the tearoom. As it stands, I only got the chance to visit the tearoom and somehow spent … Continue reading The fairytale Ghent tea room of dreams

Exploring Belgium: Bruges

I naively thought that getting the Eurostar was similar to getting any other train: that we’d show up about 10 minutes before it left the station and be on our merry way. Reader: this was not the case. It, very sensibly, turns out that Eurostar is more akin to any other form of international travel, … Continue reading Exploring Belgium: Bruges

Three days in Sofia, Bulgaria, for less than £50

My first 20 minutes in Sofia were spent sitting on the floor outside the airport wondering how I was going to get to my hostel. Uber, unfortunately, hasn't quite crossed the borders to Bulgaria yet so any dreams I had of wordlessly making it to Hostel Mostel with the help of a nice, anonymous Uber … Continue reading Three days in Sofia, Bulgaria, for less than £50

Stopping off in Bratislava en route to Budapest

I ended up in Bratislava as a sort of accident. Not the type where you get on the wrong plane or book the wrong tickets, but more as a sort of convenience. I mean, the first situation isn’t that rare for me - once I booked gig tickets for Nottingham instead of Northampton, seemingly thinking … Continue reading Stopping off in Bratislava en route to Budapest

REVIEW: Four days at The Pink Palace, Corfu

As a rule of thumb, unless I absolutely adore a destination I don’t tend to go back there for a few years. I do this because I have limited holiday at work and like to maximise my breaks by exploring new places. The exceptions, of course, seem to be Barcelona, Amsterdam (where I’ve now visited … Continue reading REVIEW: Four days at The Pink Palace, Corfu

Czechin’ out Prague this weekend

Following the ending of my relationship and slow acceptance of working for the entirety of summer, i’d somewhat accepted that any chance of a summer holiday had vanished. ‘Office job’ does not particularly scream bikini and cocktails on tap, so instead of building up a small fort of summer clothes, I’d gradually over time conditioned … Continue reading Czechin’ out Prague this weekend

Barcelona: The best tourist hotspots

The Spanish southern city of Barcelona is definitely one to visit if you’re interested in culture, history, or food. Its many architectural sites are amazing to visit if you’ve got anything from a few hours to a few days to spare. Most notably by Gaudi, you’ll find hundreds of little stalls selling his patterns on anything from plates, to umbrellas, to books...