All of the colours of Cartagena

You might have noticed that these blog posts aren’t really happening in chronological order but the gorgeousness of Cartagena and the happiness that I felt there has pushed me to write about that city first. We booked an early morning flight from Medellin to Cartagena and had the beauty of stepping off of the plane […]

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A trip to Warsaw’s Neon museum

Warsaw is generally known for being a historic city. The capital of Poland, (although frequently confused with Krakow) it’s filled with faux old buildings, steeped in history and you’ll never fall short of learning a new fact. The thing about Warsaw is that it’s actually almost entirely brand new. It fell to the ground during […]

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Barcelona: The best tourist hotspots

The Spanish southern city of Barcelona is definitely one to visit if you’re interested in culture, history, or food. Its many architectural sites are amazing to visit if you’ve got anything from a few hours to a few days to spare. Most notably by Gaudi, you’ll find hundreds of little stalls selling his patterns on anything from plates, to umbrellas, to books…

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