The six types of people you’ll meet in every hostel

I've just returned from my first solo travel trip, to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Poland. Not only that, but it was my first hostel experience, which you'll be able to read more about in another post very soon! I met so many amazing people, but one thing I have realised is that you will almost definitely … Continue reading The six types of people you’ll meet in every hostel


The coolest hostels to stay at in Stockholm, Sweden

My next trip is coming up in 15 days and I'm so excited! You might have read about it previously on my blog, but it's going to be my first solo trip abroad. Now that I've got over the supposed stigma of traveling alone and all that apparently surrounds it, I'm really looking forward to … Continue reading The coolest hostels to stay at in Stockholm, Sweden

Barcelona: The best tourist hotspots

The Spanish southern city of Barcelona is definitely one to visit if you’re interested in culture, history, or food. Its many architectural sites are amazing to visit if you’ve got anything from a few hours to a few days to spare. Most notably by Gaudi, you’ll find hundreds of little stalls selling his patterns on anything from plates, to umbrellas, to books...

The pros and cons of using AirBnb

Whenever I go away, one of the things I love most is fully immersing myself in a different culture, and what better way to do that than to stay in someone's apartment? I think of it like workaway, but y'know, you pay for the experience, and all you have to do in return is keep … Continue reading The pros and cons of using AirBnb

How my failed attempt at studying abroad made me want to go even more

If you've ever met me in person (or even just follow me on any form of social media) you'll probably know I tried to study abroad. It was a common topic of conversation both before I went and came back (which, only admittedly had 13 days between the two events) and it's become some kind of a long standing joke with pretty much everyone I know that I won't shut up about it...

Why I love spontaneous travel plans

I'm awful at prepping things far in advance. I just can't do it. It's a combination of getting far too excited far too quickly, and not having the patience to spend weeks, or even months thinking about holidays and everything I want to do there. Not to say planning in advance is a bad thing … Continue reading Why I love spontaneous travel plans